Why do I write this blog?

For myself, specifically, it’s a collection of my experiences in Taiwan. I’ve always had a strong sense of my Taiwanese American identity. Now that I'm actually living here in Taiwan my concepts about Taiwanese culture, are being challenged, reeducated and developed in so many ways. That’s the purpose this blog serves now, but of course that may change depending on the life span of this blog or any other changes in my life. I also see this blog (and perhaps other future blogs) as an outlet for my writing expression.

I write especially for friends, family or strangers who have never visited Taiwan, to give them some insight into life in Taiwan through my thoughts and perceptions of Taiwan’s society and culture. Many of you who know me, know that I consider my relocation to Taiwan a journey of many sorts. I hope that my writing will evoke memories in those who have visited or lived in Taiwan recently, or be of interest to those who haven’t visited in several years or are just curious about Taiwan. I also write simply for my friends and family who want to know how I am.